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A Zoom 38 Special Snap Caps, 6 pack


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A Zoom 380 Snap Caps, 5 pack


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A Zoom Snap Caps, 410G, 2pk


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A-Zoom 5.7×28 Snap Caps, 5pack


Snap Caps | Dummy Rounds

Traditions .38 Cal Snap Caps, 6pack


Independent dealers have done their best to make the connection to that original watch, by calling it the SK Revival, Orient Diver Retro or SK Diver Reissue; however, this inconsistency is always going to be present when the brand has been lazy with its designations. Orient should have just presented this to consumers as the 'SK Diver Reissue' and been done with it. Unfortunately luxury replica watches, along with their ancient website, this shoddy naming scheme is one of the areas that traditional brands like Orient are lagging behind the competition.